E3 Sports Nutrition Mentoring

Project Overview:

The E3 Sports Nutrition Mentoring program (E3) recruits Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDNs) who are energetic, driven and self-motivated and are interested in expanding their sports nutrition field experience and knowledge while obtaining feedback and education from experienced sports RDN Mentors. In addition, applicants should be planning to sit for their CSSD exam as a short-term career goal or to renew their CSSD credential. E3 is a mentee-driven program; the results of this program are dependent on what each mentee puts into it. 

Program Vision:

Through mentoring from experienced Sports and Human Performance Nutrition (SHPN) dietitian mentors, E3 strives to Educate, Empower and Evolve sports nutrition knowledge.

Program Goals and Benefits:

  • Educate mentees so that they feel prepared to provide quality sports nutrition information to athletes. This includes a review of the Revised Sports and Human Performance Nutrition SOP/SOPP document.
  • Empower mentees to seek out in-field sports nutrition experience and networking opportunities
  • Provide opportunities to learn from CSSD mentors
  • Access information and current sports nutrition resources from SHPN DPG, mentors, and other sports dietitians
  • Provide access to a library of past program sports nutrition webinars and recorded Q&A videos
  • Ability to submit all program hours towards CSSD certification eligibility with the direct goal of obtaining or renewing the CSSD credential.
  • This is NOT a business development/growth entrepreneurial program. The focus of this program is on building up skills as a SHPN Sports RDN primarily. Do not expect to receive advice on how to start or grow a business. Do expect to build a solid foundation in sports nutrition knowledge and experience. 


  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) for >1 year with some experience in sports nutrition
    • Note: this is NOT a re-entry into dietetics program; this a specialization mentoring experience for dietitians already involved in the field and looking to increase their knowledge and reach.
  • Current “active” category membership in the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND)
  • Current member of Sports and Human Performance Nutrition (SHPN) Dietetic Practice Group
  • Interest in gaining experience and knowledge in sports nutrition and logging hours toward eligibility/renewal for CSSD status
  • Ability to communicate and present clearly both via written and oral communication
  • Willingness to learn, grow and to take feedback well
  • Self-motivated and energetic
  • State licensure or certification where applicable
  • Current professional liability insurance
  • Completion of criminal background check
  • Preference given to applicants that meet one or more of the following:
    • One or more years working in sports nutrition
    • Experience presenting nutrition information to the general public
    • Intent to sit for the CSSD examination


The program runs annually and lasts for 6 months.

Scope of Work: 

E3 Mentee will:

  • Participate in Orientation meeting and monthly meetings with mentors
  • Meet with mentor separate from monthly meetings, at the initiative of the mentee and at a frequency agreed upon by the mentee and mentor
  • Complete monthly assignments as requested which may include creating social media content, creating and completing case studies, completing reading and study towards the CSSD exam and other duties and tasks. 
  • Maintain regular contact with E3 Mentor and implement feedback from Mentor
  • Maintain an activity log to track hours spent in the program (for submission for CSSD hours).
  • Complete E3 feedback surveys or evaluation mid-program and at the program’s conclusion.

Application Process:

Applicants must submit the following and upload, via this form:

  • Cover letter (one page) including:
    • A brief introduction and discussion of the importance of sports nutrition and the impact RDNs can have on improving the health and performance of athletes. 
    • Your experience in sports nutrition both currently and in the past, including tasks and duties as well as population served. Also outline any current work you have as a sports RDN.
    • Why you would like to participate in E3. 
    • Your specific goals for the program and short- and long-term goals for your career as a sports RDN.
  • Resume or CV
  • Please provide at least 1 reference with contact information
  • Completed application questions (on form below)
  • Face sheet of current professional liability insurance
  • A 5-7 minute short video of applicant providing a sports nutrition team talk. This can be a video of an actual talk or a “staged” presentation for purposes of this application. The athlete type, talk topic and whether a slide deck or more hands-on approach is utilized is up to the preference of the applicant. Applicant should be visible in this video. For any questions or issues with this step, please contact Elise Fette at SHPN@eatright.org.

Selection Process:

  • The E3 committee of SHPN will release a "Request for Application to Participate in E3 via SHPN communications. 
  • A small group of applicants will be chosen for a short interview via Zoom. 
  • After interviews, the final mentee pool will be chosen.


When selected for the E3, the Mentee will:

  • Read and/or watch designated position papers, books, study guides and webinars as either required or recommended. 
  • Be assigned an E3 Mentor who will be available to review any materials developed by the Mentee, answer questions, and provide advice throughout the program. 
  • Receive access to E3 sports nutrition resources.
  • Set SMART goals for the program and career.

Meet the E3 Sports Nutrition Mentoring Team

The E3 program runs one time per year. We are not accepting applications at this time. However, please watch the SHPN Discussion Board and e-blasts for information on when the next application period is opening!