Volunteer Opportunities

SHPN is looking for members to volunteer for the upcoming 2022-23 term in various roles!

SHPN Volunteer Opportunities Webinar was hosted live on Monday, May 16th. You can view the recording HERE (Passcode: FY5Wi.4P) and the presentation slides HERE.

Volunteer opportunities include: (click on the position title to view the job description)

Director of Member Services
Volunteer Engagement Director
Student Engagement Representative
Grants and Awards Program Director
Networking Events Director
Director of Professional Development
Symposium Director & Committee Members
Content Expert
Director of Communications
Social Media Coordinator & Content Committee Members
Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access (IDEA) Liaison

If you would like to volunteer, please complete the Volunteer Interest Form if you have not done so already to tell us more about yourself.

After reviewing the job descriptions, please let us know which position(s) you are interested in on the SHPN Volunteer Opportunities Selection survey.

Please contact shpn@eatright.org with questions.